Martin Rietti

Martin Rietti

Profession: Director of miscellaneous (film, advertising and short content).
Hometown: Buenos Aires
Current City: Buenos Aires


I am addicted to travel.

In the near future, I’d love to:
Read more than write.
Think more than talk.
Watch more than film.

In short,

I love:
Verbena tea.

I hate:
Being in a bad mood.
People who think they are a good person.

What would be the title of your autobiography?


What or who has inspired you recently and why?

William Eggleston’s photos because they teach me that there is no correct or incorrect way to take photos.

Where is your favorite place to travel?

For anyone that doesn’t know, I really recommend going out on a Saturday night to the Korean neighborhood in Buenos Aires. There are some really bizarre karaokes. Of the place that I know Kyoto in Japan and Antwerp in Belgium.

Martin Rietti

What’s your current obsession?

Taking photos of food. Bad cliché. Also I’m pretty obsessed with buying candles.

Your current sounds

A really nice band that is called Cherry Glazer (their hit is the music in the latest Saint Laurent video) and I’m also listening to a lot of a french duo called Saschienne, tre-chic.

Martin Rietti

What are your favorite movies and which directors are not to be missed on your list?

Red Desert by Antonioni. Blue Velvet by Lynch. À nos amours by Maurice Pialat. Anything by Tarantino. Fear Eats the Soul by Fassbinder (!!!) The Piano Teacher by Michel Haneke, anything by Haneke. Belle de Jour by Buñuel and any other one with Catherine Deneuve…

What is your daily uniform?

Black Acne jeans, any vintage t-shirt, boots from Felix, socks and boxers from Uniqlo, SL glasses.

Who would you like to party with?

With J.L. Godard and Berlusconi.

Martin Rietti

Favorite places in Buenos Aires

Florería Atlántico, new spot on Arroyo Street with spectacular drinks. (Arroyo 872)

Restaurant – Café Rivas, Farinelli, Bistro Tokyo

Café Rivas on Estados Unidos Street in San Telmo. (Estados Unidos 302)
Farinelli. (Bulnes 2707)
Bistro Tokyo, the best sushi in Buenos Aires, little Japanese house in the neighborhood of Belgrano. Top. (Virrey del Pino 2551)

Bar – Río Café

Río Café, classic Buenos Aires venue, I’ve spent lots of Wednesday nights of my life there. (Honduras 4772)

Gallery – Miau Miau

Miau Miau on Bulnes. Drink a coffee in Farinelli and after go up the stairs to see the temporary exhibit that is always excellent. (Bulnes 2705)

Store – AY Not Dead

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