Naomi Preizler

Naomi Preizler

Profession: Model and artist
Hometown: Buenos Aires
Current City: Between New York and Buenos Aires


I doubt, I doubt, I doubt, and I decide (the cycle repeats itself). I fear free time, at the beach and the sun. I don’t do anything as recreation; everything is used in order to grow my career. I have never finished a book.

What would be the title of your autobiography?

The Next Step

Naomi Preizler

What or who has inspired you recently and why?

Ai Weiwei, I just finished watching the documentary “The Fake Case” about his house arrest in China for expressing himself against the government with his art. I like art that has an objective, that is political, and that asks questions. I can’t stand the banal or cool art. It’s best not to dedicate yourself to art, if it’s just to show something pretty.

Where is your favorite place to travel?

Buenos Aires, Tokyo and any hyper urban city.

Cuál es tu obsesión actual? / What’s your current obsession?

Baile, voguing and tap.

Current sounds

My song “Waiting Line”, autobiographical.

Art by Naomi Preizler

What are your favorite movies and directors?

Baz Luhrmann with “Moulin Rouge”; Michel Gondry; “Qui êtes-vous, Polly Maggoo?” by William Klein and Mumblecore cinema (low budget independent american cinema, hyper realistic).

What is your daily uniform?

501 jeans, moccasins, shirt or t-shirt. From there it varies for the occasion.

Who would you like to party with?

With Jerry Gomez

Art by Naomi Preizler

Favorite places in Buenos Aires

Restaurant – A Nos Amours

A Nos Amours by Constant Aneé, small French cantina away from the Palermo circuit, literature on the tables, organic wines, and the menu on chalkboards (go early because they run out of the fish of the day). Order the crème brulee for dessert. (Gorriti 4488)

Bar – Dadá

(San Martin 941)


The Health food store on the corner of Lacroze and Luis María Campos, really big, clean, tidy, and not overwhelming. They have everything.

Gallery – Big Sur

Big Sur by Álvaro Cifuentes in San Telmo; I love the artists they have, especially Lucrecia Lionti. They also sell local art books.

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