Sofia Ungar

Sofia Ungar

Profession: Photographer and visual artist.
Hometown: Bariloche
Current City: Buenos Aires


Romantic, brave, dreamer, obsessive, intense. I was born in the forest and grew up in the city. The best thing I do is falling in love, flying in airplanes, and taking photos, sometimes it all comes together. I like being in the water, travel as a exceptional time to think of bigger things, kissing, inventing dances and meals, nature and bodies.

What would be the title of your autobiography?

High Seas

What or who has inspired you recently and why?

Traveling alone to Asia and later moving to Parque Patricios. I lost the fears and prejudices, which ultimately allows us to leave the comfort zone.

Where is your favorite place to travel?

The city that I still don’t know. I enjoy the most the first few hours in a new place.

Sofia Ungar

What’s your current obsession?

Contemporary dance clases, I almost missed a plane in order to not miss a class.

Your current sounds

Diosque, Villa Diamante and The Rolling Stones

What are your favorite movies and directors?

Everything by Lucrecia Martel, especially La Ciénaga. In the Mood for Love by Kar Wai Wong. Fredrik Edfeldt.

What is your daily uniform?

Leggings and boots, or a one-piece and boots.

Who would you like to party with?

With the 2012 artists program.

Sofia Ungar

Favorite places in Buenos Aires

The San Martin, I particularly like the elevator ride, looking at Corrientes from above, the window that opens, the mirror, and the carpet. To go really fast on Libertador Avenue at night, before in a car, now by bicycle.

Restaurant- Café Crespín & Arevalito

Café Crespín – Good brunch, good eggs, french toast, yogurt with passionfruit and cinnamon rolls. (Vera 699, Villa Crespo)

Arevalito – Nice atmosphere and excellent vegetarian food, the best coconut pudding. (Arévalo 1478, Palermo)

Bar – Lo de Julio

There is nothing like it. The makeout place to make out. (Superi y Loreto, Colegiales)

Store – La Librería REF

REF bookstore, it’s impossible to leave empty handed. (Honduras y Gascon, Palermo)

Gallery – Holbox

Dedicated exclusively to photography. (Palermo Soho)

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